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This action aims at upgrading the main Spanish eInvoicing platform FACe to allow its compliance with the Directive 2014/55/EU on electronic invoicing in public procurement, especially the European eInvoicing standard prescribed therein.

This action will develop the map translation module, which will provide translations in both directions, from the Spanish XML format Facturae to the European eInvoicing Standard required syntaxes (UBL and CII) and the other way around. The FACe platform will integrate this map translation module allowing Spanish public authorities to receive European invoices in both standards (EN and Facturae), maintaining the existing procedures and connections between the FACe Platform and their internal systems with minor upgrades necessary on the internal systems/EPR of the public entities (the upgrade for 5 entities will be performed as part of this action to validate its results).

Furthermore, this action will also analyse the viability of integrating a PEPPOL Access Point in FACe to facilitate the cross-border transactions.

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Contract num. INEA-CEF 016-ES-IA-0117
Updated: 18/03/2018 11:00