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001. EUROFACE. Description
002. eInvoices submitted to Spanish Goverment (central and subcentral) through
003. Factura electrónica. Gobierno de España.          
004. Factura electrónica. RCF (Registro Contable de Facturas). IGAE. (Intervención General de la Administración del Estado, General Comptroller of the State Administration) .

001. EUROFACE. Description

project is financed by CEF (INEA/CEF/ICT/A2016/1330507, INEA-CEF 016-ES-IA-0117). The aim of the project is to update and adapt the platform of the Spanish Government to receive e-invoices for Public administration coming from any companie (FACe so it meets the requirements of Commission Implementing decision 2017/1870 (L 266/19), EN 16931 [2], to directive 2014/55/EU. The EUROFACE project runs between 01/09/2017 and 30/11/2018

In 2017 the application FACe received 9,7 millions of e-invoices for a total amount of 44000 million euro [1]. The use of FACe has been increasing ever since it was launched in 2015.


All Spanish administrations (state administration, regional administrations, local councils and administrations, universities, etc.) receive invoices through FACe. All administrations must make available for the supplier companies a platform to receive electronic invoices and many administrations have chosen to use FACe.

EUROFACe project is technically led by the Government of Spain through the Ministry of Finance and Civil Service, and has the technical collaboration of three companies (B2Brouter, Invinet and LMT), two local administrations (Ayuntamiento de Madrid and Diputación provinvial de Ciudad Real) and three universities Murcia, Valencia and Zaragoza, the latter as coordinator and responsible for dissemination.

Universities are the administrations that most buy from European companies (different from national ones). In the University of Zaragoza, approximately 3% of the bills come from European countries. For this reason, universities will have a special beta-tester role in the developed implementations. The University of Zaragoza receives invoices (not electronic) from Germany, UK, France, Holland and Portugal among others.

[1] Indicadores DataOBSAE - Secretaría General de Administración Digital del Ministerio de Hacienda y Función Pública.


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