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001. Links on Spanish Facturae
002. Actions of EUROFACe partners
003. e-Invoicing CEF actions
004. Connecting Europe

099. EN-16931, PEPPOL, UBL, CII

001. Links on Spanish Facturae

A.02 Key events and dates for eInvoicing. Roadmap for eInvoicing in public procurement. Key milestones with regard to Directive 2014/55/EU

A.03 FACe. FAQS para Administraciones Públicas (.pdf que se descarga, 20 pags.)
A.04 FACe. FAQS para Proveedores  (.pdf que se descarga, 27 pags.)
A.05 Punto General de Entradas de Facturas Electrónicas
A.06 Formato factura electrónica
A.07 Foro factura electrónica
A.08 Facturae (MINETAD y MINHAFP)
A.09 Introduction to e-Invoice
A.10 Difusión factura electrónica
A.11 Proveedores de servicio de e-Factura

002. Actions of EUROFACe partners

003. e-Invoicing CEF actions

A.01 eInvoicing CEF actions

Readiness of Slovenian e-Invoicing (ROSE)

A.03 eINVOICING For Croatian Public Authorities (eICPA)
A.04 Promote uptake of e-invoicing in Ireland
A.05 eInvoicing cross-border LT
A.06 Difi consortium application for CEF Grants eInvoice
A.07 Interoperable eInvoicing in Greece (GRinv) (*). University of Piraeus Research Center
A.08 NL eInvoicing (*)
A.09 SAPHeIN - Implementing SAPHetydoc for the wide adoption of eINvoicing
A.10 European cross-border e-invoice in local public procurement in Poland (.pdf download)
A.11 Internet of Business (IoB) (Estonia, Finland, Latvian)
A.12 Tools and support towards the adoption of the future EN on electronic invoicing in SMEs
A.13 - European standards adoption for eInvoicing in Catalonia (Spain, Italy, Belgium)
A.14 GOV2EU - Supporting public entities to adopt EU Standard on electronic invoice for cross-border transactions
A.15 Cy e-Invoicing (Local Authorities)

004. Connecting Europe

A.01 Publications Office of the EU. Building a Digital Europe (19/12/2018)
A.02 CEF. eInvoicing Events Archive (19/12/2018)
A.03 CEF. eInvoicing Video and Infographic (19/12/2018)

099. EN-16931, PEPPOL, UBL, CII

A.01 EN-16931 Commission Implementing Decision (EU) 2017/1870 of 16 October 2017 on the publication of the reference of the European standard on electronic invoicing and the list of its syntaxes pursuant to Directive 2014/55/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council. Official Journal of the European Union (pag. 19) 17/10/2017
A.02 EN-16931 CEN/TC 434 - Electronic Invoicing. Published Standards. Sales Points. CEN European Committee for Standardization
A.03 EN-16931 Electronic invoicing - Part 1: Semantic data model of the core elements of an electronic invoice. CEN European Committee for Standardization
A.04 EN-16931 CEN/TC 434. European Sales Point. CEN European Committee for Standardization
A.05 EN-16931 The European Norm on electronic invoicing is here. Invinet blog
A.06 EN-16931 PEPPOL BIS Billing 3.0 – A real EN 16931 invoice. Invinet blog
A.07 EN-16931 EU E-invoicing Standard gets unanimous approval, with 4 BIG adoption barriers.
A.08 EN-16931 CEF eInvoicing: CEN & the European Commission agree no-cost access to European standard (11 jan 2019)

B.01 CEF. eInvoicing in each Member State. eFactura en cada Estado miembro de UE.
B.02 CEF. Conformance testing. ISO/IEC 19845:2015 (UBL 2.1) or UN/CEFACT CII
B.03 CEF. eInvoicing Conformance testing service. Service Offering Description v 4.6 (pdf. 37 pags.) v 4.8
B.04 CEF. Validador Web de facturas (Web form upload) UBL-XML y CII-XML (Test

C.01 PEPPOL. ¿Qué es el formato PEPPOL? (artículo de sep 21, 2018)
C.02 PEPPOL. Pan-european public procurement online
C.03 PEPPOL. OpenPEPPOL and BIS (semantical data types; VAT, calculations and rounding; code lists used; code lists used; validation, etc.)
C.04 PEPPOL. PEPPOL BIS common text and introduction. (pdf 10 pags.) (References on PEPPOL, UBL, BII, Schematron, etc.)
C.04b PEPPOL. Schematron. A language for making assertions about the presence or absence of patterns in XML documents.
C.04c PEPPOL. UBL-Invoice-2.1.xsd   
C.05 PEPPOL. Certified PEPPOL Access Points.
C.06 PEPPOL. PEPPOL eDelivery Network overview (SMP, SML, PKI, Governance, TIA)
C.07 PEPPOL. Visualizador UBL (en github: fuente OB)

D.01 UBL Universal Business Language V2.2
D.02 UBL Universal Business Language Version 2.1 (04 Nov 2013) 

E.01 UBL PERU Documentación de Open Invoice Perú (github). SUNAT. Sitio oficial de la administración peruana. Esquema XSD de la e-factura (19/12/2018)
E.02 UBL COLOMBIA Factura electrónica DIAN (19/12/2018)
E.03 UBL FRANCIA Chorus Pro. Ministere de l'Action et des Comptes Publiques (ejemplo de flujo). Factura UBL (19/12/2018)

F.01 CII CII XML Schemas 16B (SCRDM - CII)

F.02 CII Business Requirement Specifications (BRS)
F.03 CII Requirements Specification Mappings (RSM)
F.04 CII GS1 UN/CEFACT XML profiles Cross Industry Invoice  
F.05 CII GS1_Cross_Industry_Invoice_example_1
F.06 CII Guide for a European CORE INVOICE data model with UN/CEFACT CII Implementation Guideline - Part 1: Introduction (Sept 2011, by EN16931-2, pdf 8 pp)
F.07 CII Guide for a European CORE INVOICE data model with UN/CEFACT CII Implementation Guideline - Part 2: European CORE INVOICE data model (Sept 2011, by EN16931-2, pdf 27 pp)
F.08 CII Mapping CII-UBL CII Source Xpath -> BIS3 target Xpath (, Excel, without date)
G.02 CODES FOR UNITS OF MEASURE USED IN INTERNATIONAL TRADE Revision 6 (UN/ECE CEFACT Trade Facilitation Recommendation No.20) 
G.03 CODES PaymentMeansCode (Denmark)
G.04 CODES Generic Codes (Oasis-open) 

H.01 UTILITIES Validex (eInvoices EN Validator) (Test)
H.02 UTILITIES FreeFormater XSL
H.03 UTILITIES CEN/TC 434 - EN-16931 - Validation artefacts (github: fuente MS)

Cef financia Connecting Europe Facility Connecting Europe Facility (CEF). INNOVATION AND NETWORKS EXECUTIVE AGENCY (INEA)
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